SEO Fundamentals Workshop

Understand the What, The Why and Then Actually DO!
Hawke's Bay

About The Event


SEO in NZ doesn't need to be hard for most Small Businesses!

Lack of trust, lack of knowledge and the feeling that this SEO stuff is all just too hard.....We see this time and time again with our clients in the Hawke's Bay and throughout NZ. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about search engine optimisation and what many businesses can actually do for themselves without needing an agency.
This workshop is not designed to make you an SEO expert but our goal at the end of the day is to ensure you have a good understanding, can actually make some changes to your site that will improve performance NOW and also have a base knowledge so you can hold any SEO agency accountable.

What will we do on the day?

  • Just enough theory - We will spend just enough time to demystify SEO and break it down into a simplistic form so everyone can understand what it really is, why it is needed (Once you understand the what and the why then the how becomes much easier).
  • We then look at the sorts of tasks required to implement make a fundamental positive impact on your websites performance. In real terms how you can generate more visitors and convert them into more sales. 
  • Then we get hands on. Much of the morning will be spent working with you and coaching you on real actions you will take and implement on your website. The core of this practical session will be breaking down your SEO Title Tags and Meta Descriptions, optimising them so they are SEO friendly and compliant with best practice. You can then update your Websites SEO fields on the day on on your return to work and measure the impact it has on your rankings and results.
  • Tools and Data. We will also look at a number of tools you can use to help monitor your websites performance and use the data to help make regular improvements.

"It's hands-on, the advice given is practical and can easily be applied to our business, I love real-world examples. The content is also broken down into layman's terms."

Alisa Moore Gaulter Russell

"It was awesome to sit with like-minded people and chat through actual examples that were realistic and work them through as a group from start to end, one of the better sessions I have had in a long time."

Dean Oleofse Ace Rental Cars

"I attended The SEO fundamentalists course which was great. I’m a complete novice but Glenn makes a sometimes overwhelming online world very easy to understand and I feel confident to implement the changes suggested."

Vikki McColl Auto Super Shoppes

"I took part in Konnector's SEO Fundamentals Workshop, and the whole experience was great. Honest, no frills, practical advice that I am actioning myself to improve the web presence of the business." 

Joe Roberts The Icehouse


BNZ Partners Centre, Level 1, 205 Hastings St South, Hastings
9 November 9.15 am - 1.00 pm
$97+GST Early Bird Pricing Special (Standard Price $245)
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The Venue

BNZ Partner Centre

205 Hastings St South, Hastings, Hawkes Bay